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With over 25 years of experience in producing and organising business congresses and conferences worldwide, I started my career in PR in France, moved to London to work for a multinational organisation and discovered what I was made for: designing meaningful content, that allows for discussion and connections between executives. It took me around the world and gave me the opportunity to grow a great network of thought leaders from different walks of life, industry and areas of expertise. I had found my purpose. 


In 2003, I started my entrepreneurial adventure and co founded Naseba, a business facilitator specialised in growth markets. During 15 years as COO first, then CEO I accompanied the growth of the company's operations to over 10 offices worldwide, as we pioneered in growth markets: Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, China.


Naseba became one of the first European company to host a business summit in Saudi Arabia, in Algeria, Libya, Irak, facilitated $B of business transactions, enabled connections between 100' of thousands of senior executives in a multitude of industries.   We proudly brought the first private aviation show in Egypt, AVEX and conceptualised hundreds of summits from Healthcare to Fintech, Real estate to Renewable energy.

We hosted incredible events with amazing partners in the heart of Venice San Marco Square, at the House of Senior Minister in Singapore, on the Grand Prix track of Monaco, on the Old Castle in Prague, on an airport tarmac in Sharm El Sheikh, inside the check in area of Prague airport.

What I loved the most about my job was the diversity of people, culture and profiles I was fortunate to work with and how enriching it was to embrace differences while recognising the commonalities that connects us


Whatever the context is, personal or organisational, where there is diversity, there is innovation and it's good for business.


As I advanced  in my career, I noticed that wherever I'd go, whether participating to our own events or conducting business deals , women were absent at the decision making tableSo in 2009, we founded the WIL Economic Forum in Dubai, an economic and societal platform promoting global gender diversity in leadership positions in the public and private sectors. Since then, the forum travelled to Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, China and connected thousands of men and women who believe that gender parity benefits everyone. Together, they learn from each other, implement best practices in their respective organisations and benchmark what works and what doesn't. They inspire and mentor each other, discover new business opportunities and grow as leaders.

I aspire now to dedicate my time to grow this community and to support other organisations with my hands on experience both as a senior executive leading teams of over 25 nationalities worldwide, and as a veteran in creating meaningful discussion  and connections across industries and continents.


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